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  • Ding Jiang Vice president / Guangdong (China) Imported Food Association
    TopicChina's Imported Food Market in the Post-pandemic Era
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Presentation of European Food Forum The French Food and Drink Federation (ANIA) has actively launched a three-year (2019-2021) European Food promotion plan in China under the sponsorship of the European Union. As an organization with international influence, the French Food and Drink Federation is not only committed to expanding the influence of European agri-food companies in China but also hopes to spread the essence of European cuisine in the process. As the second year of the campaign, a three-day exchange activity for European & French products will be held from December 14 to 16 this year. This activity aims to promote exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and European enterprises, and will be launched by combining live streaming and platform interaction. Under the influence of the pandemic, we hope to promote communication and cooperation between Chinese and European companies by holding this food exchange activity.
Specializing in chocolate truffle, Chocolat Mathez will take part in the 2020 European Food Forum.
Daucy-a canned vegetables brand from France, providing fresh and high quality products for catering.
Natrual, simple organic biscuits, Biscuits Bouvard creates delicacy with its traditional recipes.
Bringing organic oil products, Huilerie CAUVIN will take part in the 2020 European Food Forum.
French (Loire) wine manufacturer Loire Propriétés was unveiled at the 2020 European Food Forum.
Rians artisanal heritage creates a unique taste with its authentic French cheeses and desserts.
Soft texture, plump meat, with a slight nutty flavor, French oysters are here...
Professional researcher and innovator of organic infant milk made-Prémibio from France.
Premium coffee beans are matched with traditional roasting methods, and MALONGO coffee is polished with details.
Experience the natural,pure and sweet taste on the tip of your tongue with Maple Joe’s syrup.
Fall in love with the delicious and healthy pastry of MADEMOISELLE DESSERTS France.
BISCOCHOC, a chocolate factory from France, brings a high quality of chocolate's origin.
The family company, Maison Roucadil, which started with dried prune, will meet you at the 2020 European Food Forum
Chocmod-French Cocoa truffles producer,brings you irresistible exquisite purity and sweet softness.
Mustard, Salad, Mayonnaise, SDMR SA Meet You at the 2020 European Food Forum.
2020 European Food Forum releases event schedule, to analyze the Chinese imported food market in the post-pandemic era
From December 14 to 16, well-known European brands and products gather here across space
China's Imported Food Market in the Post-pandemic Era  European Food Forum 2020 Online Seminar
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