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Product Categories
Food Ingredients
flavor enhancers
starch, modified starch
yeast products
fillings & fruit powder
starch sugar
no-dairy creamer
concentration juice
Food and Beverages
beverages & wine
aquatic & meat
fruits & vegetables
grain & nuts
frozen & canned foods
infant foods
snack & confection
seasonings, condiments
Health Products
protein, peptide
nutrition ingredients
food supplement
functional ingredients
health food
animal and plant extracts
amino acids,vitamins,mineral
Machinery and Equipment
filling machines and labeling machines
ice machines and freezing machines
meat product processing machinery
baking equipment
beverage machinery
sterilization equipment
packaging materials
Food Additives
acid agents
stabilizers and coagulants,
emulsifier and enzyme
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Market opportunities
The Europe Food Market registers a CAGR of 0.8%,with a total volume Eur 1.47 trillion.
The Europe Food Ingredients and Additives Market has a total volume of Eur 6.3 billion:Functional Ingredients(Eur 1.012 billion),Fruit&Vegetables Ingredients(Eur 930 million),
Dairy Ingredients(Eur 570 million),Meat Ingredients(Eur 1.368 billion),Specialty lngredients(Eur 670 million).
Meat Product Market amounts to Eur 302.4 billion,and Seasoning Market amounts to Eur 16.3 billion.
Bakery Product Market'CPI is 68 Kilos,and the Total market consumption is Eur 378 billion.
Functional Beverages' annual growth is 6.5%,to more than Eur 80 billion. Alcoholic Beverages grows annually 3.5%(to Eur 299.3 billion) while 4.7% for Non-Alcoholic Beverages(to Eur 419.63 billion).
Milk Production annually growth is 7.12%,amounts to 273 million tons.