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21Food Online Expo (6TH) 2023

Show Organizer (s):21FOOD & Food Tech Alliance
Event Date (s):2023-07-11 ~ 2023-07-13
Address:21FOOD & Food Tech Alliance
Contact Person:Mr Yang Li 

Exhibitors introduce

Products and Services Focus

Food and Beverages; Food ingredients and additives; Health Products and Health Products Raw Material; International Exhibitior pavilion

General Information

The 6th 21Food Online Expo will be on 11-13 July 2023, offering insights into the entire food & beverage supply chain. 21Food group contributes to promoting your high-quality foodstuffs to the global market. It is a premium platform where the food & beverage industry Companys comes together to source qualitied products, ingredients, additives, machinery and equipment. 

21FOE helps you find new opportunities and make a deal in a fast & easy way.

Easy Web Connection For PC & Mobile
Accessible from your standard web browser, you can explore the virtual exhibition hall and view a large number of individual exhibition stands in full HD.
One-click Communication
Personalize your own online profile and electronic business card to network with 20000+ food & beverage industry peers. You can easily have one-to-one communication through video calling, email or online chatting with just one-click.
Exclusive Meet&Match Service
In order to maximize exhibition efficiency and reduce communication costs, 21Food Online Expo launched the "Purchase Matching" service with zero cost. During the expo, procurement requests submitted through the purchase matching service will be matched directly with thousands of exhibitors under the help of one-one project manger.
Live Webcast
Kick off your SHIFT20 experience with a thought-provoking keynote address.
21FOOD ONLINE EXPO launched live webinars to help you recap on hot topics, trends and insights in Food and Beverage Industry.
1.The Comprehensive Pavilion
Food & Beverage
agricultural products, dried/fresh fruits and vegetables, dehydrated vegetables, frozen fruits and vegetables, edible fungi, canned food, snack foods, meat products, seafood, spices, soy products, poultry products, dairy products, bakery products, alcoholic beverages, coffee, tea, candy biscuits, convenience food, grain and oil products, fast-frozen food, green food, halal food, freeze-dried food, health food, native products;
Machinery & Equipment
Food packaging machinery, filling machines, labeling machines, filters, ice machines, freezing machinery, baking equipment, meat processing machinery, beverage machinery, sterilization equipment, packaging materials;
2.The ingredients & additive Pavillion
Food ingredients:
Sour agents, sweeteners, antioxidants, thickeners, preservatives, anticaking agents, emulsifiers, humectants, stabilizers and coagulants, nutritional fortifiers, flavor enhancers, colorants, non-dairy creamer, starch and Products, yeast products, functional sugars, vegetable proteins, seasonings, spices, animal and plant extracts, concentrated fruit juices, pickled preparations;
Health products raw material:

pharmaceutical raw materials, beneficial bacteria, edible fiber, dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, health food raw materials and ingredients, dietary supplements, functional foods, nutraceuticals, botanicals, OTC, marine product raw materials, animal-derived drugs, amino acids, antibiotics oxidants, essential oils, proteins, vitamins, minerals and finished products.

We can expect that 21Food Online Expo 2023 to be held on 11-13 July 2023 will set off a wave of online transactions for the food industry!

Attendee Information

In 2022, Topservice organized a total of 2 "21FOOD ONLINE EXPO" series global exhibitions, which attracted more than 1000 companies, with more than 4000 products. And over 20000 visitors participated in 21FOE 2022.

Exhibitor Information

Healthy raw materials: QHT, Honine, longlive, Synbiotech, biogrowing, Huaheng, Xinhe, Nutrily, VILOF, NHU, Zhongnuo, Novanat, Huachang, YUSWEET, etc. More than 150 companies Natural raw materials: more than 230 companies including Yizhi, Joywin, GREEN FOOD, China Meheco, JINSHENG, Pangbo, Baiou, Huacheng, Higen, SHUANGTA, Oriental Protein, Shandong Matcha, Golden Health, ZHONGHENGWEIYE, etc. Food ingredients: SUNNY,Baolingbao, Angel, Nicepal, COFCO, greensnow, Xianyangyang, Tianjiao, Jiahua, Xiangchi, Lihua, Aipu, Freda, Haodong, Huaan, Honghui, Yuxin , Bai long chuang yuan and more than 270 enterprises Food additives:FLOWER, Futaste, Bright moon, Meihua, Fufeng, Xingzhou, Super, Tongyuan, Jinhe, Wuhan Youji, Kolod , Waking Lion, Ante, AOLONG, Zhengtong, Hyzlin , Zhaoqing Perfumery , Famous More than 300 companies . Food products: Keemun Black Tea , Xie Yuda, Biosan Biotech, Xinjiang Fruits, COFCO, Baixing Food, Yingbiao Mushroom, Jia Rong He Food, Zhejiang Kingsure, Hunan Tea, ZHEJIANG HUANGGUAN , Shengyuan Food , Zhejiang Industrial, Shuangying Aquatic, Hengliang Bee Products, Hongda Powder Equipment, Zhejiang Tea Industry, Yaoshengji Food , Liu heng ji, Fufeng, YONGTAIFENG, Tomato, Huayuan, Yueyang, Dongliang, GREEN GARDEN , santong meat, He feng yuan, Yanzhifang, Tianwei, Hongxiang Biotechnology, Dingcheng and more than 600 companies

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