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Non dairy Creamer for Milk tea/ Tea drinks

Model No. : T30,30A,etc.

Product Origin : China

Brand Name : wenhui

Detailed :


1. Improves the color of tea

2.Restrains the bitterness of tea

3.Bring natural & creamy flavor to tea, no artificial flavor

4.Dissolve quickly in hot water/ beverage

5.Taste smooth and full-flavoured

non-dairy creamer for Milk tea/ Tea drinks/Instant drinks :

1.Add extra flavor to you tea. It takes similar to milk and dissolves quickly.

2.It can be used for all milk application like milk drinks, tea, yoghurt, sweets, and can be formulated in all milk products.

Non-dairy creamer is an excellent substitue for milk or cream as an additive to coffee, tea or other instant beverages. It dissolves instantly in any hot beverage and enhances your cup of tea or coffee by provideing a rich, smooth and creamer taste. Besides being used with bevergaes, it is also a popular ingredients in bakery, confectionary, ice-cream and seasoning.

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