Yiming Biological Technology Co., Ltd


Model No. : TG-H

Product Origin : CHINA

Brand Name : YIMING

Detailed :

Transglutaminase(TG enzyme)

Enzyme Preparations

High Concentrated type

Application of TG in food manufacturing :

The main functional factor of TG is transglutaminase (EC, TG), for different applications,we have different types.

1) Meat Products

Binding of meat, poultry and fish products
Ham, sausage and meat ball
Natural cross-linking of meat’s own protein
Portion control
Restructuring to any size for standardized product

2) aquatic products
reconstitution fish fillet, fish ball, frozen surimi, fish tofu, kamaboko….
improving texture,appearance
Portion control
Increase the gel strength of products

3) Vegetarian industry
be used for vege-ham, vege-sausage, vege-hotdog, vege-chicken nugget, vege-fish fillet…
Improved water binding
Improved texture

4)Dariy product-yoghurt and cheese
Raise the index of viscosity and consistency.
Reduce the water syneresis and whey separation

5)Bread, steam bread and noodles
Texture improvement
Retains shape and texture after baking
Less crumb after cutting

Storage :

Keep under 10°C or freeze both opened & unopened

Shelf-life :

12 month from manufacturing date in the original unopened package

Transglutaminase for vegetarian industry TG-BH Transglutaminase for surimi Transglutaminase-M