Chifeng Sundoo Commercial and Trade Co., Ltd

Chinese Hulled Millet/ Yellow Millet Groats

Product Origin : Inner Mongolia,China

Brand Name : SUNDOO

Detailed :

yellow millet Groats-
Glutinous Type or Non-Glutinous type

(or named Hulled Millet, Glutinous Millet for human consumption)

1.Moisture 14% max,
2.Admixture 0.1%max,
3.Broken Groats 3%max.
4.Groats Color: Yellow.
5.Package: P.P Bags 25kg/50kg.

More details are available by contacting us: shine dot work at yahoo dot com.

Chifeng Sundoo Commercial & Trade Co., ltd is based on Inner Mongolia, China. Here is the largest MILLET growing area in whole China. Our team have been professional in line of purchasing and exporting grains and cereals for many years. Hence there are solid foundation to guarantee you an high quality production.

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