Shantou City Chenghai District Wenhui Food Co., Ltd.

coffee creamer 400g

Model No. : C20,C32,etc.

Product Origin : China

Brand Name : Wenhui Food

Detailed :

Wenhui Food NDC's Effective in Coffee:
1. Improve the color of coffee, and increase the whiteness;
2. Restrain bitter taste of coffee, cover up the abnormal smell;
3. Soften the taste, improve smooth degree;
4. Make coffee more characterful;
5. Reduce the cost;




CIQ Certificate( Melamine , Heavy Metal, microorganism)

Brief Introduction:

non-dairy creamer is an excellent substitute for milk or cream as an additive to coffee, tea or other beverages. It dissolves instantly in any hot beverage and enhances your cup of coffee or tea by giving a rich, smooth and creamier taste.

Besides being used with beverages, it is also a popular ingredient in bakery, confectionary, ice-cream and seasoning industries.

Designed with a longer shelf life and without the need for refrigeration, it is and ideal replacement for liquid creamers.

Available Packing:

1. 25 kgs for industrial application

2. 1 kgs, 800g,500g,400g ,150g for consumer packing.

3. Customized- packing available.

MOQ: one 20GP , about 14-15 tons

Payment Terms T/T ,D/P , L/C

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