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Organic Goji Berry Juice/Organic Goji Juice/ Wolfberry Juice / Goji Raw Juice

Model No. : 2009891900

Product Origin : Ningxia, China (Mainland)


Detailed :

We produced the first drum of goji juice
Export goji products more than 30 countries
All Natural
Good Traceability
Trust us!
The raw materials of Qixiangchun Goji Juice & Concentrate which are selected from our GAP standard Goji Farm in Zhongning County, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. After cleaning, leaching, pre disinfection, crushing, grinding, anti-oxidation treatment, sterilization, aseptic filing, QIXIANGCHUN goji juice is got, it maintains all natural nutrition in maximum, and widely used as raw materials of pure juice, mix juices, health food, functional beverages etc.
The company has completed HACCP verification and passed ISO9001 certification, Kosher certificate, etc. The goji berry is the Most Antioxidant food in Natural food, more than Blueberry, Acai, Noni, Raisin etc..

We have cultivated 500 acres of organic goji berries in Zhongning county, Ningxia. We stopped use pesticides from 2005, and in 2011 and 2012, we got the international organic certificate(EEC & NOP), its quality is more better than general market goji products, it provide a strong international competitiveness.

Brix: 13%(Goji Juice)

Brix: 36%(GojiJuice Concentrate)

Shelf Life:18 Months In tempurter 5-8 centigrade

Packaging Details: Goji Juice, net weight 200kg per drum with inner aseptic bag, gross weight 218kg, Drum Size, 60cm* 89cm, A 20' container can be filled 72 drum and net weight is 14.4 tons, A 40' container can be filled 126 drum and net weight is 25.2 tons.

Organic Goji Berry juice concentrates Goji Juice Concentrate /Goji Berry Concentrate 2013 Goji Juice Organic goji juice concentrates