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Vacuum Packed Sweet Corn kernels normal lid 425ml from fresh materials

Model No. : 212ml, 314ml, 425ml, 2650ml 3100ml

Product Origin : xiamen, china

Brand Name : buyer's brand

Detailed :

Canned Vacuum Packing Sweet Corn kernels nw 340g, dw250g
Tins/ctn nw dw ctns/20’
A) 212ML 184GX48, 114G/140G 3500
B) 425ML 340GX24, 230G/250G/285G 1850
C) 425ML 425GX24, 200G/230G/250G 1750
D) 850ML 850GX24, 400G 850
E) 2650ML 2500GX6, 1550G/1750G/1800G 1175
F) 3100ML 2840GX6, 1800G 1000
Short introduction of our factory :
We are one of the biggest canned food manufacturer located both in Dalian nameko crop region and Tianshui, Gansu Province (sweet corn, green peas crop region)
Products: marinated/brined mushroom such as canned nameko, shiitake, suillus, boletus, mixed, oystermushroom, stropharia ,champignon whole/slices/pns
canned fruits (cherry apple, yellow peach, pear, apricot, strawberry, apple, kiwifruit, grape, fruit cocktail, plum)
canned green peas, sweet corn , red/white kidney beans salted or in tomato sauce, cutted green beans, mixed vegetables
IQF mushroom/veg/fruit
Usually do buyer's brand, productivity capacity is 2 containers/day.
Main markets are Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Czech, Slovakia, Germany, Poland, Japan, Singapore, Israel, USA, etc.
Dalian Menew Food Co.,Ltd

Vacuum Packed Canned Sweet Corn kernels 425ml tin from fresh materials Canned Sweet Corn in Vacuum pack 340g, dw285g Canned Sweet Corn in Vacuum pack 340g /285g Vacuum Packed Canned Sweet Corn kernels 425ml from new crop