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Shiitake Mushroom Powder

Model No. : QYGF09-014

Product Origin : Qingyuan,Zhejiang Province

Brand Name : Senghuang

Detailed :

Shiitake (Lentinus Edodes) Regarding the nutritional and medicinal value of extensive Japanese medical research is finding that they are to be valued for their disease-preventing qualities - enhancing the immune system, proving beneficial in fighting cancer with anti-tumor and antiviral properties and as an aid in the prevention of cerebral hemorrhagic strokes by regulating blood pressure. Also, researchers S. Suzuki and Oshima found that a raw Shiitake eaten daily for one week lowered serum cholesterol by 12%. Concentrated forms of lentinan (a polysaccharide), a Shiitake extract, have been used to treat cancer, AIDS, diabetes, fibrosystic breast disease and other conditions.
Shiitake mushrooms have very low fat content, no starch, and more vitamin B12 than milk and fish. He considers Shiitake nutritionally more valuable than the western staples: corn, turnips, potatoes, tomatoes, and carrots. Having a full complement of essential amino acids, and containing twice the protein of other mushrooms : (18%) - although less protein than meat, the amount is comparable to peas and green beans. Shiitakes contain a good amount of calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals, a low caloric count, and are said to be rich in Vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D2, niacin, with good lipids, fiber and carbohydrates.

Shiitake Mushroom Powder Specification:
Appearance: Fine Light Yellow -Grey Powder 100MESH Processed Part:Shiitake Mushroom Fruit Body
Shelf Life: 24Months
Moisture less than 8% Protein: 26% Fibre: 7.8% Ash:3.58% Fat:4.8%
Total Polysaccharide: 8%As less than 1ppm ,Cd less than 1ppm,Pb less than 2ppm,Hg less than 0.2ppm
Total Plate Count less than 3000CFU/gram
Total Mould less than 100CFU/gram
Total Coliform : Negative
Active Mites: Negative

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