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Champignons mushroom Powder

Model No. : QYGF09-011

Product Origin : Qingyuan,Zhejiang Province

Brand Name : Senghuang

Detailed :

The Champignon (Agaricus Bisporus) is the most frequently used of all Mushrooms in the world.Also, called White Button, they've been cultivated by the French since the 1700's. Today, the South of China is the most quantity of cultivated White Button Mushrooms. The Champignon retains it's shape well when cooked, although they do shrink a little in size. The Champignon has a mild flavor and firm texture and comes in sliced form. The Champignon absorbs flavors well in any dish.
When reconstituted, Dried Champignon look, cook and taste just like their fresh form. Delicious in gravy, sauces, cream soups, stews, stir fry recipes, pasta, casseroles - just about anything youd want to use mushrooms in Buttons are good to take along on camping trips to add extra flavor to camp fire meals.

The Champignon Powder Specification:

Appearance: Fine Light-Grey Powder 100MESH
Processed Part:Champignon Fruit Body

Shelf Life: 24Months
Moisture:<8% Protein: 36.1%

Fibre: 6% Ash:14.2% Fat:3.6%

Total Polysaccharide: 20%
As<0.2ppm ,Cd<1ppm,Pb<1.2ppm,Hg<0.2ppm

Total Plate Count<3000CFU/gram
Total Mould<100CFU/gram

Total Coliform : Negative
Active Mites: Negative

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