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Agaricus Blazei Powder

Model No. : QYGF09-010

Product Origin : Qingyuan,Zhejiang Province

Brand Name : Senghuang

Detailed :

Agaricus Blazei Murill was originated in the Piedate mountain region outside of Sao Paolo, Brazil. It flourishes in the powerful Brazilian sunlight. It has been gaining worldwide attention because the population in that area, where it grows wild, suffers very little from cancer and other adult diseases. About 30 years ago, a Japanese immigrant discovered a mushroom in Brazil, He found out that this mushroom had some medicinal values. He contacted people in Argentina, and Japan, where they started to research about the ABM in 1975. This mushroom started to be known as Himmematsutake, God's mushroom or Sun mushroom . Due to a large demand by Japan, China has started to cultivate the Agaricus in the southern provinces in 1992,where the climate is warm by using modern technology . The Japanese researchers studying the composition of ABM reported on its having vitamin-B1, B2, amino acids, niacin, phosphorous, iron, calcium and lots of protein and polysaccharides and Beta Glucan which is the active constituent that drastically enhances the function of the immune system which builds the body's natural defenses against diseases. Agaricus mushrooms shows the best results if it is taken in the form of tea or powder or capsules .only heat can break down the indigestible chitin and release the active compounds into a concentrated, bio-available form.

Agaricus Blazei Murill Powder Specification:

Appearance: Fine Light-Yellow Powder 100MESH

Processed Part::Agaricus Blazei Fruit Body

Shelf Life: 24Months

Moisture:<8% Protein: 41.7% Fibre: 5.3% Ash:6.3% Fat:3.6% B-glucose :9.5%

Total Polysaccharide: 51.2%

As<1ppm ,Cd<1.4ppm,Pb<2ppm,Hg<0.5ppm

Total Plate Count<3000CFU/gram

Total Mould<100CFU/gram

Total Coliform : Negative

Active Mites: Negative

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