Qingdao Bright Moon Seaweed Group Co., Ltd.

Alginic Acid

Product Origin : China

Brand Name : Bright Moon

Detailed :

A lginic acid is a natural polysaccharide extracted from seaweed.It is made of the two types of aldehyde acids.Flaxen powder,isn't in water.

Main Applications:

Pharmaceutical industry:
Main raw material for gastropine.
Agent for the new medicine PSS,with the strong dispersing and emulsifying character.
Food industry:
Can combine with many kinds of ions to create a series of salts,such as sodium alginate,potassium alginate,calcuium alginate ete.Applied in health food or used as health food additive.
Environment protection:
With the characters of tis strong adsorbability,it is used water purification processing etc.

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