--- A community of premium export-oriented suppliers from China.

Company Directory

21food.com edits an o n-line directory of agricultural and food companies that allows businesspeople to find company-specific information and search for business partners.

Suppliers are displayed in mainly four pages, providing Company Introduction, Company Profile, Products Show and Contact Information and all suppliers are indexed according to category, location, products that they provide and business activities in which they are engaged.

Our portfolio represents 40 , 000 Chinese businesses able to potentially become your business partners.

Trade Offers

Allow businesspeople to post Sell Offers and Buy Offers in various sub-categories of the food and beverage industry. Members can view and respond to buy/sell offers as well as browse offers to cooperate with potential partners around the world.

Each day 21food.com members post over 150 buy / sell offers with an average of four responses for every offer posted thanks to the 21food.com search boxes added to our partners' websites .

Each offer is personally verified by 21food Service Team prior to being posted to make sure it meets 21food.com's clear and consistent format.
21food.com contains a cross -posting tool, which make it possible to automatically post offers to many other B2B sites at the same time . The targeted sites for posting includes our alliance sites and many others that accept this kind of offers .

Online Storefront

Online sample showroom s for products provided by 21food.com's members, well categorized for search. Products are displayed in small and large images alternatively with detailed description about their prices, characteristics, specifications ready for delivery.

An international Network

21food is to build up an exchange platform for all food and beverage businesspeople throughout the world for those purchasing textiles and apparel from China . For this reason we have many of operational conne ct ions with foreign B2B portals and organisations.

This partnerships allow :

  • Database Sharing System;
  • Sales Representatives;
  • Efficient Communications;
  • Mutual News Release;
  • Advertisement Swap.

Because we want to provide you a maximum of possibilities to expand your business, we always seek for new partners.

Industrial News & International Events

Being leader of Food and beverage B2B portal, 21food.com must provide to its users the most accurate Industrial information: that why our Chinese & worldwide expert correspondents follow the Food and beverage market evolution. Their on line reporting enable professionals to improve their Industrial awareness, help them to anticipate, and catch new opportunities.

For 21food.com, promote its members in the way of multimedia is not enough, we have to be present where the Food and beverage industry improve itself: on the main Tradeshows and Fairs. In that way, 21food.com co-organizes and participates in the main tradeshows and exhibitions in China , as well as Asia, Europe and North America.

21food.com is headquartered in Hangzhou , the hi-tec center in China but has operational bases in Jiangsu and Shandong to be closer to the Chinese food & beverage roots