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To be present in multi- media , 21food.com also publishes a number of periodicals and publications:

Chinese Food Suppliers Directory

A yearly publication of premium or pre-qualified suppliers from China for all kinds of food and agricultural products. With a collection of over 45000 pre-qualified food manufacturers, trading companies and agents, the book contains detailed information about the brief introduction, main products and contact information of every member. It is published in English and Chinese. Also available in CD-ROM version.

Food Industry

A professional bi-monthly publication for the latest news in food and beverage industries.

Categories in the book include Market Quotation, Industry Dynamics, Food Professionals, Focus Forum, Science & Technology, Offers & Inquiries, Innovations, Future Development, and Tradeshows & Events. It is aimed at helping businesspeople keep up with the latest trends. Many international food machinery and additive manufacturers and hi-tech food providers have chosen Food Industry to present their products and build their brand recognition among the Chinese food community.

Advertisement capabilities

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Advertise on 21food.com, but also on 21food.cn
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Be present on the multi-media's way: Internet, CD- Rom, Paper.
Be promoted on the main tradeshows and exhibitions, in China , and all over the world.
With the combination of all these powerful supports, ways of development, 21food.com team can offer you a wide range of advertising capabilities.
Our package deals can be custom-made and include personalised market studies in order to fulfil your needs and budget limitations.
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Web marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a service we provide to those companies who would like to have their websites to be indexed and favoured by all major search engines by re-editing, re-constructing, choosing the right content and keywords, etc.

Database Marketing is a targeted email broadcasting service. We have a database of tens of thousands of opt-in emails categorized according to their specific business activities and interests.

IT Solutions

Web Design and Website construction
More and more companies are developing their own web sites today to help build up their brand recognition and web presence. With our experience and industry knowledge at 21food, we can help your company increase its exposure in the Foodtile and Apparel community .
Online shops, flash animations , web hosting and consultation for obtaining revenues online are among the many services that we provide.

Localization of Non-Chinese Language Web sites

Being one of the five largest suppliers of foodtiles in the world and boasting a population of 1.3 billion, China is a must for international foodtiles and apparel sellers and buyers. We at 21food are helping many multinational corporations as well as medium and small sized companies localize their web sites into Chinese language and build up their brand recognition through our professional promotion and marketing efforts.

Software Development

Food-CRM, or Foodtile Customer Relationship Management is derived from the idea to help food firms maintain a better relationship with their clients, at a time when competition is diverting from the former competition based on low-cost production to that based on market and customer shares. Meanwhile, the transference focus of enterprise management from the traditional management of production, logistics and finance to the full-scale customer relationship management.