Chengdu Yuxing Foodstuff Co.,Ltd.

Our company was setup in 2004 with a Paid Up Capital of Rmb 5 million. A facility of 6000 squared meters on a land size of 15118 squared meters located in Hangchang Town, Dayi County, Chengdu City, Sichuan. We are a manufacturer ( plus contract manufacturing ), supplier and exporter of dried vegetables poducts mainly dried/dehydrated sliced champignon ( agaricus bisporus ) mushrooms and dried wild mushrooms/fungus ( like Morels, Porcini, Matsutake, Truffles ), plus other dried vegetables as required by customers. We have 10 drying rooms with capacity of producing upto 4 dried tons products daily during the mushrooms seasons with quality meeting the international standards.

Apart from our plant in Sichuan, we also have a smaller sister plant located in Zhangzhou Fujian with 3 drying rooms and producing the same dehydrated dried champignon mushrooms for local and export market.

We supply our products to overseas customers and domestic. We also provide contract manufact

Dried Morchella Dried Truffle Dried Matsutake Dried Boletus Porcini
AD Sliced Champignon Mushrooms

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