LBS International Co., Limited

LBS International is a professional import/export company, located in Xi’an city of ShaanxiProvince, Center of China. We service the food and beverage industry globally by providing best quality food ingredient and additives of Chinese origin, with excellent service and reasonable price.

Our product category includes fruit and vegetables juice and puree concentrate, Food additives, Tomato paste and related products, frozen fruits and vegetables etc.
We strictly choose to work with those producers who are reliable on product quality and honest on their commercial behaviors. All of our packers are certified with ISO, HACCP, KOSHER etc.
Based on best product quality, reasonable price and professional services with enthusiasm, we established long term business relationship with named customers from all over the world. Our sales market includes America, EU, Middle East, Asian-Pacific and part of Africa etc. Our professional sales and marketing team can provide one-stop services include market survey, supplier audit, logistic, technical support, loading attendance, travel assistance etc.
While delivering high quality food ingredients from China to all over the world, our domestic market also sell imported food products in Chinese market, as well as working as regional agent for some big food and additive manufacturers by marketing their product in our local market.

We are working to build a bridge of international trading between China and other part of the world, with LOVE BASED SERVICE, to help customers and producers to improve efficiency, lower costs and avoid risks in international trading, to enable product move more smoothly and communicate more easily! Taking Food Safety as first priority, fulfilling customer and market demand at our most extend, Good Faith Compliance are the commitment from both LBS and our packers.

Company Type: Trade & Service
Business Range: Beverages
Food Additives
Frozen Foods