Hangzhou Beewords Bee Industry Stock Corp. Ltd.
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Henan honeybest apiculture co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and trader of bee products. We are in the leading position in apiculture of China. The company was set up in 1996.

The company covers an area of 890,000 square meters.
The company has a quality unit that is independent of production units and takes both quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) responsibilities. There are 4 monitors in charge of quality assurance and 18 monitors in charge of quality control. We have advanced test equipment such as LC/MS/MS.

Our company has our own beehives and our apiarians are well-trained for meeting the quality control standards of the company. All apiaries are located in non-pollution areas where it is full of natural flora.

The company collects over 3000 tons of raw material natural honey each year in recent years.

Our products include bee honey, fresh royal jelly, lyophilized royal jelly powder, lyophilized enzymatic royal jelly powder, water-soluble royal jelly powder, drone pupa powder, bee larva powder, bee pollen extract, royal jelly & propolis powder capsule, propolis soft capsule, and vinegar powder as well.

The company has the certificates of HACCP, ISO9001, ISO14000 and GMP. The workers are well-trained to operate strictly in accordance with GMP.

Company Type: Trade
Business Range: Honey Products
Sugar & Sweeteners
Main Products: bee honey ,fresh royal jelly,bbee pollen powder