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Hai'an Qingxin Food Co., Ltd. is located on the famous laver (dried seaweed or Nori) hometown in China---Laobagang town in Hai'an county Jiangsu Province which is the largest pollution-free laver-cultivating base of the world.
Our company owns assets of 10 million USD. The modernized laver seeding preparation room takes up 8000 sq.m. and the maritime farming area is 6000 mu. We introduce 9 Japanese Nichimo and Takeshita fully-automatic one-step processing production lines which can produce more than 22000 boxes of dried seaweed in a year. In 2004, our company invested 10.8 million USD to introduce 2 fully-automatic secondary-processing production lines. We have the most advanced purifying workshop occupying 1200 sq.m. and a warehouse with constant temperature taking up 2400 sq.m. What's more, we have four suppliers for the raw material of dried seaweed and the stock of dried seaweed in our warehouse is up to 0.17 billion pieces.
Our company has already passed ISO9001:2000 quality management systems and HACCP. Company's leading product has passed American OCIA. Our organic seaweed of SHENGLAN brand is a high-grade marine healthy product which will keep ahead to take up the international market.
Introduction of Secondary Processing Factory
Secondary processing factory was built up in 2004 with an investment of 10.8 million USD. The factory covering 18 mu consists of processing area, life area, work area and green area, which is a scientific layout with a delightful environment. The processing area consists of purifying workshop with 1200 sq.m. and two warehouses with constant temperature with 2400 sq.m. The life and work area cover 1000 sq.m. with full equipped office facilities. Our producing workshop is clean up to the pharmacy standards, the germ and humiture reaches the national standards, which makes it the most advanced purifying producing workshop for secondary processing.
Products of Secondary Processing Factory
Products: Seasoned Seaweed and Roasted Seaweed. The spec of seasoned seaweed of shenglan brand is as follows: 12 cut 4 pieces (100 bundles, 48 bundles, 30 bundles, 12 bundles), 12 cut 3 pieces (100 bundles, 48 bundles, 30 bundles, 12 bundles); 8 cut 8 pieces, 6 cut 4 pieces and 1/2 cut 40 pieces mustard seaweed.
Roasted Seaweed: QA-50-10-A?QA-50-10-B?QA-50-10-C and QB-10-48-A?QB-10-48-B?QB-10-48-C.
The laver has rich protein, iodine, calcium, Fe and more than 10 kinds of vitamin, which is good for stomach, helps to drop the blood-fat, accelerates hypothyroid excreting, avoids angiosclerosis and improves the organs. It is really a green healthy food. We sell it to Europe, America, Canada, Australia, and southeast asian countries. In 2004, Japan began to import laver from China which makes the laver market broader.
We warmly welcome you to visit our company and sincerely hope to cooperate with you.

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