Our company was established in 2004 but the management team has more than 18 years of experience about the international foodstuff business. Thanks to the strong and friendly supports from the clients and suppliers,our company has been growing steadily every year. Today we are a well-known, strong and very reliable supplier of good quality foodstuff in China. We have the much experience about more than 100 kinds of products and the different markets. Many of our clients from the different countries are enjoying the happy and successful long-term cooperations with us. We have set up the long-term and very friendly cooperation relationships with more than 60 serious producers in more than 10 provinces in China. Therefore,when we receive the orders from our clients,we are able to select the best suitable producers to produce and pack for us according to their advantages.

Our very good relationships with the strong and reliable producers in the different provinces enables us to get enough good quality supply sources anytime anywhere to fulfill our contracts with the clients from all over the world successfully.

For every shipment,our well-trained QC (Quality Control) people are working closely with the suppliers producers to supervise everything strictly "from the fields to the final products" to satisfy our clients' individual requirements.

To assure the food safety,we are only working closely with the serious producers who really have had the strict Foods Safety Systems. Now all of our supplier producers have the HACCP,ISO certificates. Most of them also have the BRC,AIB,IFS,KOSHER and other third party audit certificates.

Our main products include:

CANNED FRUITS canned mandarin orange; canned yellow peach; canned white peach; canned pear; canned pineapple; canned grape; canned cherry; canned fruit cocktail; canned mixed fruits; canned apple; canned solid pack apple; canned applesauce; canned strawberry; canned apricot; canned lychee; canned longan; canned loquat; etc

CANNED VEGETABLEScanned mushroom; canned asparagus; canned water chestnut; canned bamboo shoot; canned sweet corn kernel; canned cream style corn; canned baby corn; canned carrot; canned green pea; canned broad bean; canned kidney bean; canned potato; canned potato yam; canned mixed vegetable; canned bean sprouts; canned green bean; canned tomato; canned tomato paste; canned artichoke; canned roasted red pepper; canned pumkin puree; canned beetroot; canned shiitake; canned straw mushroom; Garlic in jar; Gherkin (cucumber) in jar; Peanut butter in jar and so on.
CANNED SEAFOODS canned bolied oyster; canned smoked oyster; canned boiled baby clam; canned smoked baby clam; canned smoked mussel; canned smoked scalop; canned sardine fish; canned mackerel fish; canned tuna fish; canned crab meat; canned tiny shrimp; etc.
orange in cup; peach diced in cup; pear diced in cup; pineaple in cup; mixed fruits in cup; fruits gel in cup;
brined & vinegar mushroom in drum (boletus edulis / champigon / nameko / oyster / shiitake / shimejirs) in drum


The new moons cup of fruit, plastic cup jelly; Bulk brined mushrooms, brine slide young mushroom, acetic acid mushrooms, pickled plum, pickled cucumber; And all kinds of frozen fruits and vegetables, etc.

Company Type: Manufacture & Trade & Service
Business Range: Canned Food
Main Products: Canned fruits,canned vegetables,canned seafood