Xiangshan Southern Aquatic Products Co., LTD

XiangShan South Aquatic Food Co.,LTD located at Shipu port , one of the six large fishing ports in China, established in 1997, and has right to export and import, and approvals of HACCP, FDA, ISO9001 and 2000 international quality arguement.

Our produts are with famous brand in Ningbo, Zhejiang province. Our products have been exported to Japan, US, South Korea,etc. We have strong capacity to produce seafood. At base Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an we will popularize our market to other cities and areas. We allow business men to join our chain for saling our seafoods.

At present, the company covers an area of 40000 square meters. A building area of 15000 square meters, the fixed assets of 71.42 million yuan, total assets of 275.17 million yuan. Existing member285 workers, including all kinds of professional and technical personnel and people.

Since its establishment, in the domestic and international numerous customers vigorously support and the enterprise staff efforts, the male

Company has a deep processing of mainly modern enterprise. The company by the national export enterprise standard built into each

Kind of deep processing workshop, and has flat plate, iqf machine production line, fish, fish mi mi products and production line

Dry products production line and a series of processing equipment, the company has successfully developed fish, fish mi mi series of products

Column, frozen aquatic products series, dehydrated series aquatic products deep processing products. Especially fish mi products already

Become the company's main products, in zhejiang province fish mi products processing industry leader. Fish mi products shape

A crab meat stick, bag, fish sausage, heart fish balls, roll fish eggs cake dozens of healthy nutrition food

Varieties, eight big fish mi products series. The company has large-scale production capacity of the fish mi products, the products sell well

The major domestic, and exported to South Korea, Japan, the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries, the product

In the domestic and international markets have enjoyed certain popularity.

In 2011, the company achieve output of 399.3 million yuan, 380.29 million yuan sales, profit is 16.4 million yuan, shall be turned over to state tax 9.21 million yuan, the self-management exportation bringing in foreign exchange income of $19.73 million. In recent years, the company with all the economic indexes performance, at around 20% each year speed increases, the enterprise foreground is very gratifying.

With scientific management, perfect the quality of products, the company has successfully passed the international HACCP tube

Richard system verification, American FDA registered and ISO9001:2008 international quality authentication; Production of fish mi products

Already through the QS quality and safety authentication; Ningbo PuYi beauty brand fish mi products has been named ningbo zhejiang and famous brand product

Jiang famous brand products; Ningbo PuYi beauty brand the south in 2007 small fish pill with green food authentication, "yong PuYi beauty"

Was named ningbo well-known trademark.

As consumers of the company's products to popular and product market share increased, in order to

Further promote health, nutrition, green food, the southern company experienced industry inside implement franchise chain

Business model, to the north of Beijing, tianjin, Shanghai east China, western xian as three radiation outlets,

Build throughout the country and medium cities sales network, auchan, century lianhua, ningbo sanjiang supermarket, xi 'an

Aika supermarket, etc have sales, sales of over one hundred million yuan.

The company advocates walk the road of the brand, construction competitive brand enterprise, science introducing VIS system,

By the high grade, the personalized terminal image in the industry and consumer's mind at shaping the brand. 2009

The company introduced all new brand marketing concept, product quality, product prices, the packing of products, product

Marketing promotion around the market demand and integrate the reorganization, the comprehensive promotion company "yong PuYi beauty" brand price

Value. Companies adhere to the "integrity innovation, the pursuit of excellence" development purposes, a deep understanding of the customer's real needs

And the final demand to the actual action to meet customer, to win customer. "Exquisite technics, the most sincere

Service prestige, strict quality management "is forever constant belief.

Company Type: Manufacture & Trade & Service
Business Range: Aquatic Products